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Monday, November 30, 2009

20% off ALMOST ALL regular-priced merchandise at Rite Aid on Tuesday, 12/1

If you don't have a Rite Aid Rewards card, be sure to pick one up on Tuesday, December 1 and start doing a little shopping!  On the first Tuesday of every month all regular-priced merchandise (with some exclusions like prescriptions, cigarettes, gift cards, stamps & alcohol) is 20% off with your Rite Aid Rewards card.  The Rite Aid Rewards card also gets you 10% off all regular-priced merchandise every other Tuesday and 10% all regular-priced Rite Aid brand merchandise everyday.

You can use the 20% off discount in conjuction with store & manufacturer coupons which can make for some really sweet deals!  Some ideas on how to get the best deals include:
  • Go to Rite Aid AdPerks to set up an account and watch videos to earn 20 credits.  You'll get coupons for all the items you watched videos about PLUS a $5/$20 coupon (25% off a purchase of $20--before coupons)
  • Use in conjunction with the $5/$25 here or here (before other coupons) printable that expires 12/19.  Purchase $25 worth of merchandise, then give the $5/$25, then give other coupons & use your Rite Aid Rewards card.
  • This is a great time to buy diapers.  Get a $3/1 Huggies Pure & Natural coupon from 11-1 SS and then buy 2 packages plus a filler item (preferrably an item that is cheap or free after single check rebate) to get you to $25.  Then use the $5/$25, then use your Rite Aid Rewards for 20% off, then use your $3/1 coupons. The diapers are dirt cheap.  Submit all receipts to the Single Check Rebate system & you'll get a free pack of Huggies after you buy 5 packages (doesn't all have to be in one transaction to get the gift certficiate) plus all of your purchases will go toward the Holiday Gift of Savings.
  • Another good diaper deal is to get a $19.99 box of diapers plus a cheap item (Airheads candy is $.20 in the candy aisle).  Use the AdPerks $5/$20, then your Rite Aid Rewards card, then the $2/1 from this last Sunday's Parade or here and get the whole thing for $9.15 ($.15 per size 6 diaper; less per diaper for smaller diapers)
  • Formula would be another good deal, especially if you have coupons/checks.  Just buy formula to equal $20 (if you have the $5/$20 AdPerks) or $25 (use the $5/$25).  Give them your $5/xx first, then your Rite Aid card, then your formula check.  It should work out pretty cheaply.
  • Spend over $100 (before coupons) in one or multiple transactions at Rite Aid through Dec. 24 and get a $20 certificate back during the Holiday Gift of Savings promotion.
You might take a look at some of the perfume/cologne deals this week.  Many are regular-price so should be eligible for the 20% discount plus you can use the $5/$20 or $5/$25 and the $5 coupon in the paper for a very nice Christmas gift!

Tuesday, Dec. 1 is a conjunction of a lot of different promotions that can add up to some SWEET SAVINGS & you might even make money if you do it right!  Email me or comment here with questions or comments.  Please be sure to come back and post your best money-saving or making scenarios!


  1. I'm pretty sure this is just for seniors 55+. Its called the "Living More" program, and you can find more info at the Rite Aid website.

  2. my checker gave me one a few months back, I didn't even have to ask for it. It's great because when the olay/panteene rebate was going on-the olay eye roller dropped down to $19 bucks or so, instead of $22 or whatever the regular price was. Ask your checker for one, they have them at the counter-it's great if you can buy your stuff on Tuesdays.

  3. It's not just for Seniors, I think there is one like that at Walgreens. I actually spent some time on the phone with a Rite Aid manager before the 1st Tuesday in November and talked over the specifics & the limitations of this deal. I then did several different trips to Rite Aid on the first Tuesday of last month & got some screamin' deals! I'm headed there right now!

  4. Correction! I tried it today and it really did work! Even thought I'm not a senior!! HA! Sorry about that. I'm thrilled that I got a bunch of stuff for free today!! Thanks for the tip, Cindy! I'm going to swing by there again tonight to pick up some Christmas gifts!

  5. I'm just glad I live near the 24-hour Rite Aid in Milwaukie--and that it's across from the 24-hour Walgreens! I was able to make a couple of stops today to get diapers & all kinds of stuff.