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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Don't forget about Winco for spices & other bulk products plus price-matching for Thanksgiving

I rarely shop Winco anymore as I've discovered that I can usually get most of the stuff I buy WAY cheaper when I shop the sales & stock up.  However, the Winco bulk bins are hard to beat.  If you're stocking up on spices for holiday cooking & baking, you can't beat the Winco prices.  You can get the equivalent of an entire brand name jar at Winco for less than $1.  I use Tupperware spice containers because I think they work the best and keep them well-sealed, however Winco does have little plastic spice containers or you can take everything home in bags and transfer to your own containers.

There are some pretty good deals elsewhere on cooking & baking staples, but on an ongoing basis Winco's prices on sugar, flour, etc. are really good so be sure to check them out occasionally.

I was getting some Brewer's Yeast and other bulk stuff there the other night and ran across a list of items that Winco will meet (or beat?) the prices of other retailers through Thanksgiving.  So, you can take all the store ads with you to Winco and get the best price of the bunch on each of these products and that could save you a LOT of running around!

  • USDA Grade A Frozen Turkey (Limit one turkey with $50.00 purchase includes price of turkey) 
  • Swanson Chicken Broth 14 oz.
  • Dozen Large Eggs 
  • Libby Canned Pumpkin 29 oz. 
  • Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce 16 oz. 
  • Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese 8 oz. 
  • Butter 1 lb. 
  • Lindsay Large Pitted Olives 6 oz. 
  • Brown and Powdered Sugar 2 lb. 
  • Sara Lee Frozen Pumpkin Pies 37 oz. 
  • Cool Whip Whipped Topping 8 oz. 
  • Whipping Cream pint 
  • Fresh Yams 
  • Fresh Celery
  • Martinelli's Sparkling Cider 25.4 oz.

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