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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spent $39 at Rite Aid.....and saved $149.10

Tonight I spent $39.32 at Rite Aid over the course of six transactions using either a $5/$25 printable or $3/$15 printable (not sure if it's still available) in addition to multiple manufacturer's coupons and the printable Wellness Coupons and my Rite Aid Rewards card (available from any cashier) which got me 20% off of all products not on sale today (more details here). 

From that $39.32 I will get at least $24 worth of rebates for LypSyl chapstick (rebate form in 10/25 SS) & Planters Peanuts.  Planters has selected varieties on sale Buy One Get One Free with a $5 single check rebate (SCR) when you spent at least $15 (you can get two of these rebates) plus Kraft is doing a $10 rebate when you buy 10 participating products including crackers, Easy Cheese & Planters Nuts.  I bought 12 containers of nuts over the course 2 transactions so there is my $10 rebate.

Net out of pocket after rebates: $15.32

I'll try to get a picture tomorrow but I got:

3 packs Huggies Natural Care diapers
4 bags Nestle Fun Size candy bars (must be given away soon, but they were better than free)
Ricola Cough Drops
Shaving gel
12-pack Diet Coke (free coupon I got using Coke Points)
2 purse-sized hand sanitizers
2 LypSyl Lip Moisturizers
1 bag Hershey's Extra Dark
1 bottle Rite Aid brand children's Tylenol chewables
1 bag random 50% off Halloween candy to get me to $25 on one transaction
12 Jars/cans Planters Nuts (Peanuts, Deluxe Mixed Nuts, Cashews)
1 box Sucrets sore throat soothers popsicles for kids (really hope I don't need it, but just in case)
6 bags Holiday Hersheys Kisses (BOGO this week + had some $1/1 bag coupons from 9/13 SS + $1/1 bag candy wellness coupon plus it was part of a $5/$25 transaction)
1 bottle gel
1 box Sucrets sore throat drops

Plus, I think if I buy one more package of Huggies at Rite Aid sometime before the end of December I'll get a coupon for a free Jumbo Pack.

I have a new love for the first Tuesday of the month!

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