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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

20% off all regular-priced items at Rite Aid with Rite Aid Rewards card - Tues only

DON'T forget to do some shopping at Rite Aid today! 
The first Tuesday of every month all regular-priced merchandise is 20% off with your Rite Aid Rewards card! 

Some of the items that have BOGO coupons from the Sunday paper are regular-priced so you get the 20% off plus the BOGO, reducing the overall price of your transaction.  Combine these deals with a $5/$20 coupon from Rite Aid AdPerks and there are some KILLER deals to be had! 
This is a good time to look at diapers & formula.  You can use the $5/$20 from Rite Aid AdPerks plus the 20% off then use formula checks.  I'll try to post up some scenarios later.

Just a reminder about the details of the Rite Aid Rewards card:

Rite Aid Rewards Card:

*20% off all regular-priced merchandise on the first Tuesday of every month for EVERYONE
*10% off all regular-priced merchandise every other Tuesday of the month
*10% off all regular-priced Rite Aid products all the time

This used to be just for Seniors but now it's open to everyone. I just walked out of Rite Aid (after midnight at the 24-hour store) paying NOTHING (&I'll get a $2 rebate) for

*2 Stayfree
*2 Tampax Pearl
*2 Rolaids - small (filler to get to $25)
*4 Nivea lip products
I'll have more scenarios tomorrow I'm sure.

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