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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some good deals at Winco

I don't shop at Winco much anymore because I NEVER got free cereal, yogurt or anything else there, but I know they do have some good deals.  I especially love the bulk bins.  I buy ALL my spices there (I pay a few pennies for the same amount of spice you pay $2-$5 for at the grocery store) and store them in my Tupperware spice set (one of my BEST investments). 

Check out Krazy Koupon Lady's list of really good deals at Winco including:
  • 12-ct. Frigo cheese (sticks I assume/) for $1.48
  • Yo+ for $.38
  • Soy milk for $.95
  • Cheese Nips for $.58
  • Bumble Bee canned tuna for $.48
  • and much more!

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