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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Super cheap Special K at Target

Ok, there are a lot of different ways to play this deal.  It depends on what coupons you already have, but I'll show a couple of different options. 

Target has most of their Special K (including a delicious new granola) cereal on sale for $2.39 & when you buy 2 you get 1 box of Special K Fruit Crisps free.  There is a $1/1 Target coupon for the crisps, but you can't use it on this deal because the register won't take a coupon on a free item.  Here are a couple of scenarios.

If you still have one of the $5/4 Kellogg's cereals manufacturer's coupons that was available in the Target, try this:

Buy 4 Special K Granola Cereals: $9.56 & get 2 boxes of Special K crisps for free
Use $5/4 Manuf coupon
Use four $1/1 Specal Granola cereals Target coupon here
Net: $.56 for 4 boxes cereal & 2 boxes crisps

If you have at least two of the $1/1 Special K blueberry coupons that were out for awhile try this:

Buy 2 Special K Blueberry: $4.78 plus get 1 box of Fruit Crisps free
Use two $1/1 Special K Blueberry manuf coupons
Use two $.50/1 Special K Cereal Target coupons here or $1/2 Special K items at Target from 1-10 SS
Net: $1.78 for 2 boxes of Special K Bluberry plus 1 box of Fruit Crisps

If you have the BOGO Special K coupon that was out last week try this:

Buy two Special K Granola Cereals: $4.48 plus get 1 box Fruit Crisps Free
Use BOGO coupon
Use two $1/1 Special K Granola Cereals here
Net: $.39 for 2 boxes of cereal & 1 box of the fruit crisps

If you have none of the manuf coupons, you can still get a decent deal on the granola

Buy 2 boxes Special K granola: $4.78 plus 1 free box Special K crisps
Use two $1/1 Special K granola Target coupons from here
Net: $2.78 for two boxes of cereal & a box of fruit crisps

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