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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1/2 price deals in Portland available for a limited time!

There are a few different places where you can pick up half price deals to various places, here are just a few of the deals you can get right now.  Keep in mind these all have limits, and when they're gone...they're gone!

Live PDX brought to you buy Fox 12 with new offers added regularly.  Some current offers include:
  • Pump it up of Wilsonville: $50 gc for only $25
  • Aesthetic Medicine: $100 gc for only $50
  • Mt. View Ice Arena (Vancouver): $50 gift card for only $25
  • Seven Planet ("Green" store): $25 gift card for only $12.50
Live PDX Restaurant of the Week with new offers added every Wed.  Some current offers include:
  • H50 bistro & bar: $50 gc for only $25
  • Trebol: $50 gc for only $25
Half Price Portland; Some current offers include:
  • Jamba Juice (available starting Thurs. morning at 8 am): 12 smoothies (16 oz) for only $24
  • Paul Mitchell the School Portland: $50 gc for only $25
  • Ecodrycleaner (3 locations): $50 gc for only $25
  • Salon Mariposa: $50 gc for only $25
  • Village Pearl Bake Shop (Vancouver): $25 gc for only $10

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