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Monday, March 1, 2010

Smart Ones (select varieties) as low as $.25 each at Safeway

Safeway just started their "Spend $25 on select varieties of Frozen Foods and get $10 on a future shopping trip" promo.  I will say that the tagline is a bit misleading because the $10 you get on a future shopping trip can only be used on frozen foods, but that's not what the signage says.  I'll be curious what happens with this.

Also, Safeway has some new heart-healthy coupon books (I've found them in the soup aisle at two different Safeways) with Safeway store coupons.  One of them is a $2/4 Smart Ones coupon.

That being said, here is a SWEET scenario!

Buy 10 of the Smart Ones that are on sale for $2.50 and have a tag that they are part of the frozen food promo (don't buy the $2.29 varieties as they are not included).  Must include at least 1 breakfast item & 1 flatbread item.

   $25 (10 at $2.50)
- $ 4 (two of the $2/4 Safeway coupons from the booklet)
- $ 2.50 (Use Buy 3 Smart Ones and get a breakfast item free from 1-10 SS)
-$  2.50 (Use Buy 5 Smart Ones and get a flatbread item free from 1-10 SS)
-$  3.00 ($3/10 from 1-10 SS)
-$    .50 (Safeway Double)
Net: Pay $12.50 and get a $10 catalina

This catalina rolls, so do the transaction again and pay only $2.50 out of pocket until you run out of coupons, freezer space or both!

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