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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Free Reach Toothbrushes & Floss at Walgreens through 5/29!

Walgreens has some new "Mega Saver" items on special through May 29 that you may want to check out.  The "Crystal Clean" toothbrushes, regular floss & travel bottles of mouthwash are all $.99.  They are also the "suggest-sell" item for cashiers so when they sell them they get a little bonus.

Here are the coupon match-up scenarios to make these free/cheap.  If you don't need any toothbrushes or floss right now but have the coupons, consider getting as many as you can and donating them to your favorite homeless shelter or other charity that gives them out.  I will be donating mine to PACS, as always.

Buy two toothbrushes
Use "Buy One Get One Free" toothbrush coupon from the 1-3 RP, and
Use $1/1 from 3-7 RP (cashier will have to enter this as $.99 or the free one to $.98) or here
Get TWO toothbrushes for FREE

Buy one toothbrush or floss
Use $1/1 from 3-7 RP (cashier will have to enter this as $.99) or here
Get ONE toothbrush OR floss for FREE (the 3-7 RP had $1/1 coupons for toothbrushes & floss)

Buy one toothbrush and one floss
Use $1.50/2 from 4-11 RP
Pay $.48 for one toothbrush and one floss ($.24 each)

Buy a whole bunch and your cashiers will love you!


  1. Do you ever have trouble using a BOGO coupon AND a $1/1 coupon when you are purchasing just 2 items? I have had the cashier say that the BOGO is for both items and I cannot use the $1/1 together with it. what do you say to the cashier in this situation? Thanks.

  2. I tried to use this coupond and because it was for more than the item priced Walgreens would not honor it. THe coupoon was $1.00 off a toothbrush (which was on sale for .99 cents) so much for a freebie....any suggestions?