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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Albertsons General Mills Catalina Deal (including 50 Bonus Box Tops per transaction)

6/16 (tomorrow)-2/22 Albertsons is doing one of their General Mills Promotions.  This is my favorite kind because not only do you get $5 back for every $20 you spend on participating products, but you also get a certificate with 50 Bonus Box Tops for each transaction.  Make sure you do each $20 separately because you'll only get ONE of each per transaction.  Here are the prices & products plus links to printable coupons & where to find other coupons.

Prices listed this way: Sale price / Price after $5 catalina

Find PRINTABLE coupons for many of the items below here, here, here, here, here or here

Yoplait Yogurt Cups


Betty Crocker: Hamburger, Chicken or Tuna Helper
(for my vegetarian friends, these all work with Vegeburger & Fri Chik)

Betty Crocker Super Moist Cake Mix

Betty Crocker Pouch Potatoes


Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers without sauce

Gardetto's snack mix


Chex Mix

Cheeros Snack Mix

Betty Crocker Ready to Spread Frosting

$2 / $1.50

General Mills Cereals: Cheerios, Golden Grahams & Cocoa Puffs
Progresso Traditional & Light Soup (be sure to watch tags as it can be tricky to know which are included)

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers with Sauce

Betty Crocker Premium Brownig Mix

Betty Crocker Fruit Roll Ups, Gushers or Fruit by the Foot Snacks

$2.50 / $1.88

Totino's Pizza Rolls

Pillbury Toaster Strudel

Yoplait: Trix Yogurt, Go-Gurt, Delights & Yo-Plus

Nature Valley: Granola/Yogurt Bars or Nut Clusters

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