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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Possibly get $10 Papa Murphy's gift card for free tomorrow?

UPDATE: You can't use Plum Bucks on this deal and you don't get a $10 referral if your friends buy this from your referral because this is a "Plum Steal."  Hadn't ever heard of that.  Oh well, still a great deal!

Plum District is offering a $10 Papa Murphy's gift for only $5 tomorrow.  PLUS when you sign up at Plum District & make your first purchase within 7 days you get a $5 credit toward that purchase.

So, sign up tonight, then first thing tomorrow order your Papa Murphy's gift card.  It should be free!  They only have 10,000 so be ready to order FIRST THING!

Plus, once you sign up tonight, send your referral link to your friends so they can do the same thing, plus you'll get a $10 credit in your Plum District account.

And, yes, the link above is my referral link so if you do this deal I'll get a $10 credit.  But hey!  It's free to you if this works the way it should :)

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