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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Free Up & Up Toddler wipes (or cheap diaper wipes) at Target

There is a new coupon available at the Target Coupon Generator here for $1/1 Up & Up Diapers or Wipes.  The flushable toddler wipes refill pack ranges from $.97 - $1.27 at Targets in the area making the wipes free, or very cheap.  Diaper wipes start at $1.55 per pack, making them $.55 after coupon.

If you still have the little Target baby coupon book there was a $5/$25 coupon that can be combined with this.  Beward, the $5/$25 coupon expires 11/12.

Thanks to reader Jen mom of R&B for this tip!

1 comment:

  1. So far I have 20 packs. OK, so I only got 16 free. My first go through I felt guilty and paid for 4 of the 8. But still 20 packs for $3.88, that is $0.19/pack.

    I might get more, but it feels a bit greedy.....