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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Up to 21 bags of World Market coffee for $30 at Cost Plus

If you'd like to stock up for the year, or want to get a bunch of coffee as part of Christmas gifts (who doesn't love coffee & cookies?) check out Cost Plus this Wednesday.  World Market coffee is BOGO (buy one get one free).

  1. Spend $50 on World Market coffee ($5.99-$8.99 per bag).  Assuming the $5.99 bags of coffe you would need to buy 9 bags of coffee.
  2. Get 9 bags of coffee free
  3. Use this coupon for $20/$50 at Cost Plus
  4. Get 18 bags of coffee for $30
  5. Wednesday is double-stamp day on the Cost Plus Coffee card so you'll get at least 18 stamps assuming they don't give stamps for the free ones but give double stamps for the ones you pay for.  Every 6 stamps is worth a free bag of coffee so you get 3 more bags free.


  1. I did the math and if you can get the 24oz bags for $8.79/24 oz it is a better deal per pound.

    Gotta buy 6 to get to over $50, get 6 on BOGO and then only one free with coupon card. But still more pounds for less money. Either way great deal. Thanks.

  2. OK, scratch that, I didn't realize the BOGO was only to get a 12 oz free. Go 12 oz all the way is the best if you can get the 5.99 packs.


  3. OK, scratch that math. I thought you could get the 24oz pack free if you bought one, but only a 12 oz free.

    So if you get the $5.99/12 oz best way to go.


  4. I'd LOVE to hear if someone successfully does this since the printable coupon says it cannot be combined with other offers. Does this include the BOGO?

  5. I tried it this morning at Clackamas Cost Plus and it worked out better than I thought! I reminded the cashier before he started the transaction that it was double punch Wednesday, so for every three bags I bought I got one free. My total came out to be 29.95 for 18 bags of coffee, so it was 1.66 for each bag! I didn't have to use the 20 off for 50 purchase. He was ready to use it, but since the total was below 50 he didn't need to, so that leads me to believe that the coupon would work!

  6. Yep, it worked great! As a matter of fact, I had my 2 year old and he was going nuts so I didn't count right and only put 16 on the counter instead of 18. My total was $47.92 and she still gave me the $20 off. AND I still got three full cards so got 3 more free. 19 bags of coffee for $27.92 rocks!

  7. I just got home from World Market and for 21 bags of coffee I paid.... $15.94!!!

    I cannot even work out how this deal worked out! I know that I bought 9 bags of $5.99 coffee, got 9 free, plus the 3 bags from the coffee club... so 21 bags, then I used the $20/$50 coupon...

    Deal of the year for me!!!

  8. Wow Emmyshell! I wish I could figure that one out! I'd do it!

  9. I am a bit jealous of Emmyshell, but mine worked better than expected too.

    Ended up with 23 bags for $33.91 or $1.96/lb - AWSOME

    I think I got BOGOs on my coffee club freebies too.
    I did use my 20/50 coupon and it worked great.
    Thanks Cindy!

  10. My husband just did this deal! He bought the 24 ounce bags and got the 12 ounce bags free. AND he was able to use the $20/off coupon, PLUS got 4 punch cards. Thanks for letting us know about this deal!!!!!

  11. It worked! I got 21 bags of coffee and only paid for 9, plus used the $20 off of $50! Insane. I've got Christmas gifts for neighbors and co-workers now...