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Monday, November 9, 2009

Huggies Diaper Deal at Safeway

I got a pretty good deal on diapers today at Safeway, so I thought I'd share.

First, I uploaded the Huggies coupons available at and onto my Safeway Club Card.  I had two $1.50 off coupons at one and a $1/1 and $3/2 at the other (can't remember which was which).  I'm also not sure if you can get all of these right now or if some were uploaded last month & hadn't expired and then I also uploaded new ones this month.

I bought two Mega packs & 1 box of size 6 regular Huggies (not Supreme)

$29.98 (2 Mega Packs of 40 diapers at $14.99 each)
$29.99 (1 box of 92 diapers)
-$6.00 (Three $2/1 coupons here)
-$1.50 (Three doubles at $.50 each)

I gave him my $10/$50 coupon from last Tuesday's FoodDay BEFORE swiping my club card.  After he scanned the coupon (it didn't show up immediately) I swiped my Safeway Club Card.  It took the $10 off at the same time as the eCoupons, so my total was $50 before the $10 coupon.  If I had swiped my card first the eCoupons would have come off and I would have been under $50 and would have had to buy more stuff to use the $10 coupon.  The rest of the transaction looked like this.

-$10.00 ($10/$50)
-$  1.00 (eCoupon)
-$  3.00 (eCoupon)
-$  1.50 (eCoupon)
-$  1.50 (eCoupon)
$35.47 for 172 diapers, or $.21 (rounded up) per diaper

For comparison: Costco boxes of Huggies are $49.99 for 144 diapers, or $.34 per diaper

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